Journal/methods meeting 2019

 /  What: Weekly meeting of the DNHI lab to discuss relevant methods and papers

When: Tuesdays at 2 pm

Where: Building W34 Office 208

Who: Everybody is invited to listen and contribute


Current topics include:

* Model fitting (e.g., different procedures, posterior predictive checks, confusion matrices)

* Specific types of models (i.e., mostly reinforcement learning and Markov decision processes)

* Cooperation research (exemplary and overview papers)

* Game theory (basics, mathematical approaches, recent papers)

* Cognitive social (neuro)science (exemplary and overview papers)

* Neuroscience of physical and conceptual spaces (exemplary and overview papers)

* Open science/reproducibility

* Academic writing



Date Title Presenter
08.01.2019 Usefulness of checklists, Basics of matrix operations Benjamin, Christoph
15.01.2019 Introduction into Markov decision processes Christoph
22.01.2019 Individual model fitting in MATLAB (Part 1) Christoph
29.01.2019 Individual model fitting in MATLAB (Part 2) Christoph
05.02.2019 No meeting  
12.02.2019 Introduction to game theory (including stochastic games) Christoph
19.02.2019 Paper(s) related to navigation in physical spaces Benjamin
26.02.2019 Paper(s) related to navigation in conceptual spaces Koen
05.03.2019 Markov decision processes – Finding optimal solutions Christoph
12.03.2019 Academic writing (structure) Benjamin
19.03.2019 Models of risky choice (expected utility, mean-variance, etc.) Christoph
26.03.2019 Academic writing (language) Benjamin

Seminar Room

Open Science – suggestions for our research Everybody
09.04.2019 Introduction to github Koen
16.04.2019 Emotion recognition in biological and artificial networks (Part 1) Christoph
23.04.2019 Emotion recognition in biological and artificial networks (Part 2) Christoph
30.04.2019 Primer on biochemistry and neurotransmitters Christoph
07.05.2019 Partially observable MDPs (POMDPs) Tessa Rusch
14.05.2019 Conceptual grid-like encoding Koen
21.05.2019 Grid cells in fMRI Gina Joue
28.05.2019 No meeting  
04.06.2019 No meeting  
11.06.2019 Grid-like encoding of personality traits in medial prefrontal cortex Koen
18.06.2019 Evolutionary game theory: The role of uncertainty in stochastic games. Christoph
25.06.2019 Lübeck-Hamburg meeting on social neuroscience Everybody
02.07.2019 Modelling social interactions Tessa Rusch
09.07.2019 No meeting  
16.07.2019 Social value orientation Lisa, Benjamin, Christoph

Social Room Friday

Moral judgements of sharing actions are updated flexibly to account for contextual information Milan Andrejevic
  Summer break  
13.08.2019 Update: Grild-like encoding of personality traits Koen
15.08.2019 Update: Loss aversion & prisoners’ dilemma Benjamin

3 pm

Statistics for case studies & simulations of social value orientation Lisa
03.09.2019 Equivalence testing Benjamin
06.10.2019 Metrics for model comparison Lisa
10.09.2019 No meeting due to R course  
17.09.2019 No meeting due to SPM course  
01.10.2019 No meeting due to BCCN meeting  
08.10.2019 Social value orientation (study idea) Benjamin, Christoph


11 am

Modelling pupil responses Christoph


Representational similarity analyses Koen
22.10.2019 Borderline personality disorder (BPD) Lisa
29.10.2019 No meeting  
05.11.2019 No meeting  
12.11.2019 No meeting  
19.11.2019 Ideas for project on “Flexible learning about preferences and traits” Christoph
26.11.2019 Game theory & Borderline Personality Disorder Lisa
03.12.2019 Internal meeting  
10.12.2019 Recent papers & reviews on processing personality traits Koen
17.12.2019 Allocation decisions & Borderline Personality Disorder Lisa, Christoph
24.12.2019 Christmas break