Journal/methods meeting 2020

At the moment, meetings will be arranged online. Let Christoph know if you want to join.

What: Weekly meeting of the DNHI lab to discuss relevant methods and papers

When: Tuesdays at 2 pm

Where: Building W34 Office 208

Who: Everybody is invited to listen and contribute. Currently, our lab meetings are held together with Helen Blank’s group

Current topics include:

* Model fitting (e.g., different procedures, posterior predictive checks, confusion matrices)

* Specific types of models (i.e., mostly reinforcement learning and Markov decision processes)

* Cooperation research (exemplary and overview papers)

* Game theory (basics, mathematical approaches, recent papers)

* Cognitive social (neuro)science (exemplary and overview papers)

* Neuroscience of physical and conceptual spaces (exemplary and overview papers)

* Open science/reproducibility

* Academic writing


Date Title Presenter
18.08 Formalising verbal theories Benjamin


No meeting
21.07 Can we measure the precision of prior expectations and surprise with pupillometry? Helen
14.07 Borderline Personality Disorder Project Lisa
07.07 Scarcity: the effect of not having enough Benjamin
30.06 Neural integration of talker priors and speech signals Julius
23.06 Cooperation in states with restricted action
16.06 No meeting
09.06 Neural Basis of Reinforcement learning Koen
02.06 The Neuroscience of Social Decision-Making Part 2 Lisa
26.05 The representation of face-prior precision in the human brain Helen
19.05 The Neuroscience of Social Decision-Making Part 1
12.05 Linear transformations in symmetric 2*2 games Cristian
05.05 Symmetric decompositions of symmetric 2*2 games Benjamin
28.04 How does RSA work and what do you use it for Julius
21.04 Pupil dilation and fear conditioning Christoph
14.04 Differential equations and game theory Christoph
07.04 Preregistration of fMRI studies Helen
31.03 Overview of modeling (based on Collins & Wilson, 2019, eLife) Koen

First results: Optimistic beliefs about the personal impact of COVID-19

17.03 Journal Club: Russel Poldrack: The physics of representation Helen, Christoph
10.03 No meeting
03.03 Journal Club: Palminteri et al: The importance of falsification in computational cognitive modeling (TiCS) Lisa
25.02 Psychopathy and cooperation Benjamin
18.02 Julia for modelling Julius
04.02 Journal Club: Pedroni et al: The Risk Elicitation Puzzle Lisa

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