Journal/methods meeting 2020

At the moment, meetings will be arranged online. Let me know if you want to join.


What: Weekly meeting of the DNHI lab to discuss relevant methods and papers

When: Tuesdays at 2 pm

Where: Building W34 Office 208

Who: Everybody is invited to listen and contribute. Currently, our lab meetings are held together with Helen Blank’s group


Current topics include:

* Model fitting (e.g., different procedures, posterior predictive checks, confusion matrices)

* Specific types of models (i.e., mostly reinforcement learning and Markov decision processes)

* Cooperation research (exemplary and overview papers)

* Game theory (basics, mathematical approaches, recent papers)

* Cognitive social (neuro)science (exemplary and overview papers)

* Neuroscience of physical and conceptual spaces (exemplary and overview papers)

* Open science/reproducibility

* Academic writing



Date Title Presenter
31.03 Pupil study: Certainty of cross-modal expectations Marvin
24.03 Overview of modeling Koen
17.03 Paper by Russel Poldrack “The physics of representation” Helen, Christoph
10.03 No meeting
03.03 Journal Club: Palminteri et al: The importance of falsification in computational cognitive modeling (TiCS) Lisa
25.02 Psychopathy and cooperation Benjamin
18.02 Julia for modelling Julius
04.02 Journal Club: Pedroni et al: The Risk Elicitation Puzzle Lisa

For a list of old meetings, see here: