Welcome to the homepage of the newly funded Decision Neuroscience of Human Interactions group!

Social interactions underlie most – if not ultimately all – human achievements. When joining forces, individuals can achieve more than in isolation. However, such cooperative interactions risk exploitation.

The group’s goal is to address the following broad questions: How do humans make decisions to interact with each other? What are the computational and neural processes of such decisions? The planned projects combine computational modeling of behavioral data, evolutionary game theory, model-based and multivariate analyses of fMRI data, pupillometry, virtual reality, and testing of psychiatric patients.

The group is funded by an Emmy-Noether research grant to Christoph Korn and located group at the Institute of Systems Neuroscience (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, UKE) in Hamburg, Germany. Psychiatric patients are tested in collaboration with Sabine Herpertz and her lab at the Heidelberg University Hospital.